An Introduction

Baby Betsy.

Hi guys,

My name is Rose and my dog’s name is Betsy. At the time of writing this post, she’s 5 months old. She’s a Rottweiler (3/4) & Yellow Lab (1/4) cross.

My boyfriend and I got betsy at 9 weeks of age, and she has become the focal point of our lives.

After raising Betsy for the last three months, I have decided to start a blog to write about our adventures in training and raising a well-mannered dog. There’s a lot to think about and a lot to be paranoid about, and hopefully this blog will be useful to others who are attempting to raise the perfect puppy!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional dog trainer! I do a lot of online research and do attend obedience and socialization classes with Betsy, but I definitely am not an expert. This blog is for your (and my) enjoyment, but it is not the bible of dog training by any means 🙂 I undoubtedly make mistakes, and dog training philosophies vary greatly, obviously!

Some photos of Betsy so you know who I’m writing about!

A bit carsick.

Betsy on the car ride home from the breeder.

Baby Betsy.

Betsy lying in the grass in our front yard after finally arriving home from the breeder.

Lying in the grass.

Betsy lying in the grass in our front yard after finally arriving home from the breeder.

Little Betsy

A photo of Betsy taken a few hours after she first came home, out for a potty break.

Meeting her first cat.

Betsy meeting her first cat, a friendly/slightly senile old cat that belongs to my parents.


Little Betsy enjoying a tummy-up nap.


Betsy being naughty and chewing on a stick.


Betsy about a month after we got her, on halloween night, looking all cute.


Betsy loved this volleyball during her first month with us, but has since lost interest in it.


Betsy looking out the window in our living room. She likes to watch the birds that fly by.

On a walk

Approx. 3.5 month old Betsy on a walk, trying to pose but distracted by some Dachshunds that are walking by.


About 3.5 months old.

About 3.5 months old.

Making funny faces

Betsy in late November (so about 4 months old) posing with my boyfriend for a photo and looking goofy.

3.5 months

Making her adorable face


Betsy at about 4.5 months, didn’t want to wear the antlers we got her (we didn’t force her :P)

Posing with Santa

Betsy at 4.5 months getting her photo taken with Santa.

5 months old

Betsy at 5 months, on a sunset walk.


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