The bite-y phase

Making funny faces

One of my least favourite phases that Betsy went through was her land shark phase, which fortunately didn’t last very long at all. I remember mentioning to another puppy owner (who owns a bulldog that shares a birthday with Betsy!) that Betsy had started her bitey phase, and the owner rolled her eyes and said her own dog had started that phase AGES ago, and that it was AWFUL. So I guess this phase could have been a lot worse.

I first noticed Betsy was going through a biting phase when I was doing lunges. Ben thought it was hilarious.

With Betsy it was pretty minimal – she would jump and nip you (rather hard) when she wanted to play. One time she bit me in the butt when I was trying to take a nap and startled the crap out of me.

I think she got it from all the playtime she had with other puppies, and didn’t realize that people didn’t enjoy playing the same way as dogs did.

We struggled a bit with figuring out how to get her to stop – our go to “no” sound, which usually works really well, just got her more excited. Then we tried pushing her off whenever she bit and holding her at arm’s length until she stopped – worked a bit better but still not perfect.

Strangely, I guess with a combination of different methods, she just sort of stopped on her own, and now she never bites us. I just tried doing lunges a minute ago and she didn’t even budge from her comfortable sitting spot.